Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your credentials?

    We are affiliated to and in collaboration with international associations and organisations in the industry, Our trainers have combined experience of close to 50 years training almost 40000 people. The trainers have also been internationally trained in rope training, water sports and health & safety procedures.

  • Where are your campsites located?

    We’re a plug and play adventure service provider. This means we use 3rd party locations across the country as campsites. We’ve pitched our tents all the way up in the north of India (Himachal Pradesh) (Nagaland), all the way down to Kerala and Kanyakumari. We’ve covered the breadth of the country by doing camps in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Maharashtra and all the way across to the seven sisters.

  • What safety measures do you employ?

    All the trainers are certified in first-aid and emergency (land and water) rescue procedures. Please also refer to our Covid Safety Protocol to understand the measures we’ve taken to protect our clients to the best of our ability against the Covid19 pandemic.

  • Do you provide certification courses

    We will shortly be launching a certification program for outdoor leadership in adventure sports, called COAL (Camping Outdoor Adventure Leadership).

  • What are the kinds of activities you provide?

    Please refer to the “Activities” page to get a better understanding of the kinds of activities we do during our camps.