Think Beyond the Walls!

Packed with adventure and fun, AQ+ offers experiences at either our partner campsites or at a location of your choice that help you develop Soft Skills, Life Skills, and Survival Skills. Our courses are designed to make you step out of your comfort zone. You need to answer the call of the unknown and step into the adventure that awaits you on the other side. Our courses help you step up and find your potential.

Our focus is educating and guiding individuals to discover their true identity and be the best version of themselves in fun and exciting ways using the outdoors as our classroom and adventure as our medium.

Our other focus is helping individuals be aware of and educated about the beauty of nature. We curate outdoors events that teach them about the environment that they are stewards of and help them embrace the wonder of it.

AQ+ is synonymous with adventure. Through our camps, you can enhance your skills and experience change in a fun, unexpected and deeply meaningful way.

Giving back is one of our core values and we try and live it out daily. Our social action projects cater to the most vulnerable. These include Community School Projects as well as Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

For educational institutions looking to enhance their students’ skillsets, we help by equipping students face the world better through our well-thought out after-school programs that adhere to the highest safety standards.

We also have specially curated theme-based programs that infuse adventure, fun and learning. These include cross-cultural programs where we facilitate learning about different cultures through exchange programs.


Level 1 program is a half day activity stationed either at the client’s location or at a venue nearby, comprising basic Team Building and Interactive sessions focused around the core learning outcomes.


Level 2 program is a full day activity stationed either at the client’s location or at an external venue, comprising Ice breakers, Team Building sessions and one Adventure activity focused on the core learning outcomes.


Level 3 program is for those clients who would like to spend more than a day at a venue (Local or Outstation). This level will have a mix of Ice Breakers, Team Building sessions, Adventure Activities and recreation time, interspersed with sessions by trainers.


Level 4 program is a specific vendor-driven program focusing on one particular activity for the course of a day or two, such as Surfing, Para-sailing, etc. These sessions will be interspersed with team building activities addressing the learning outcomes.


Learning Outcomes

All our experiences are curated to ensure there are learning outcomes that build and edify individuals and teams. Here are some of the outcomes we focus on:

  • Positive Risk taking behavior
  • Leadership & Vision Casting
  • Problem Solving & Resilience
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional Wellbeing

The AQ+ Safety Promise

All our trainers are certified in first-aid and emergency (land and water) rescue procedures. Our equipment goes through rigorous safety checks regularly by our qualified trainers. Risk assessment is done for all our activities and the participants will be equipped with a safety harness when required.

All our staff are routinely checked and tested, and all our equipment has been thoroughly and regularly sanitized. We also implement Covid Safety measures for all participants during the camp, keeping in mind their safety first, but also as to not dampen their experience in any way.